GORE-TEX Care Instructions

It is important to know how to wash your Dane Gore-Tex and Gore-Tex Pro adventure jacket and pants properly. Well cared for gear will protect you better and last longer.

How to care for your Dane Gore-Text gear

Taking good care of your GORE-TEX garments is easy - and that includes washing your waterproof GORE-TEX outerwear and non-waterproof clothing from the GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ product range. Be sure to carefully follow the garment manufacturer’s instructions too. (usually found on the inner label).

Things you will need

Washing Preparation – Step 1

Before washing, remove internal liners, check pockets and remove any loose items. Zip-up the front and pockets all the way to fully closed. Also fasten any loose flaps and straps.

Remove the armour (back, shoulder and elbow sections) from within their compartments. These do NOT need to be put into the washing machine.

Brush off and exceed thick dried mud.

Wash – Step 2

Dane Bike Gear (Jackets and Pants) can be machine washed with a maximum temperature of (86°F/30°C). The washing machine should be set to delicate cycle. Use a small amount of mild liquid detergent (Don’t use powder detergents, fabric softeners or conditioners, stain removers, or bleach).

If you can set your washing machine to rinse twice then do so, the objective is to rinse all detergent from the garment. Preferably you should minimise washing machine spinning. 

Dry – Step 3

Tumble dry at low temperature by itself or hang on a sturdy coat hanger to fully dry on a clothes line or clothes rack.

Do Not tumble dry at a high temperature at this point.

Do NOT iron or dry clean.

Once the garment is fully dry you can then tumble dry for 20 minutes on a low setting to  reactivate the durable water repellent (DWR) treatment. 

Water Repellent Test – Step 4

The water repellent test requires you to pour a small amount of water onto the garment material. If the water beads and runs off the material (like the photo) then the water repellent component is still working well. If the water doesn’t bead and looks like it is sinking into the material then a waterproofing spray treatment will be required to ensure your clothing stays waterproof.

Waterproof Treatment – Step 5

Durable water repellent isn’t permanent, regular wear and tear, exposure to dirt, detergents, insect repellent, and other materials can shorten its lifespan.

The good news: restoring the water repellency of your Gore-Tex product is extremely easy. Dane Bike Gear should be treated regularly with suitable waterproofing spray. The process is simple, please read the instructions on the label of the silicon spray you purchase.

Following the instructions will ensure your Dane Bike Gear will continue to remain waterproof and function as designed.