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One theme brings the Adventure Bike Shop team together, the love of adventure motorbike riding. Yes even Piggy loves riding, well she loves looking for kangaroos when Paul is out riding in the Otways, that’s close enough for us.

Paul Koczak

Owner & Adventurer

A self confessed motorbike nut, Paul is an institution in the Victorian Western Districts. Paul has been riding bikes for over 40 years. He’s ridden to more places in both Australia and overseas than most people have had hot meals. So when he has something to say about motorbikes, you listen in closely.

Rodney Brown

Designer & Adventurer

Rod is the “Johnny come lately to motorbike riding”, but don’t let that fool you. He’s ridden more since he started in 2015 than most do in a lifetime. He’s also in charge of making the Adventure Bike Shop look great.


Wonder Dog & Inspiration

Piggy the wonder dog was born in late 2018. Paul’s wife Maria and son Max prefer the name Pepper. But Paul calls her Piggy, she seems non-fussed about it either way. When she was a year old she broke from her collar and jumped out of a fast moving ute. She sustaining a badly damaged leg, which unfortunately never recovered and needed to by amputated. This however hasn’t held her back, in fact she still does everything she used to do with tail wagging ten to the dozen.

Maria Koczak

Head Postmaster

The title doesn’t do justice to the job Maria actual does. Behind every successful man is a woman in control of the reins. Maria works very hard keeping everything together, which allows Paul time to ride. That’s not to say Paul doesn’t work hard because he does, but you know what I mean.

Max Koczak

Test Rider/Stuntman

Max is an 18 year old bloke who loves riding dirt bikes fast and driving his 4×4 Hilux into deep muddy holes in the Otway Ranges. This often results in a broken Hilux. Didn’t Top Gear prove they were unbreakable? Clearly not in the hands of a young man hell bent on having fun. In his spare time he does put the Bumot product through it’s paces to make sure they are stronger than his Hilux.

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