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Dane Heated Gloves Power Cable Connectors

$52.00 inc. GST

The Dane Heated Gloves Power Cable Connectors, enable you to connect directly to your motorbike battery.

  • Fused Cable with protection for circuit
  • Easily connect and disconnect
  • No need for batteries
Battery Operating versus Cable Operation
Operating time battery
Operating time cable
approx. 4 hours
approx. 3 hours
approx. 2 hours
ultra high
not available
5 minutes: Ultra HIgh mode is about 30% stronger compared to High mode. After 5 minutes Ultra High mode will switch back to High Mode.
The Dane Fyre Gloves come with a battery pack, but an optional set of cables can be purchased to allow the motorbike to power the gloves. Please visit our shop to purchase the glove cable set.
Weight .25 kg


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