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Dane Motorbike Socks

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For maximum wearing comfort, these Dane motorbike socks have flat seems.

  • Non-compressive top
  • Thinner terry zone
  • Thermo isolating protective terry
  • Y-shaped heel prevents slipping off
  • Three layer protective terry
  • Elastic bands around ankle
  • Unique Smooth Seams




For maximum wearing comfort, these Dane motorbike socks have flat seems and include the following features:

Hygiene – The built-in “deodorant” qualities are obtained with the Sanitised hygiene function (Swiss technology), which keeps socks fresh and odor-free all day, everyday.

Thermo Isolation – Area exposed to intense cooling are protected with a thick warm terry.

Injury Protection – Areas exposed to abrasion or impact are protected with a soft, three layer terry.

No Pinching – Thanks to Lycra inserted in the fabric, this sock fits the let without pinching.

Dynamic Fixing – Two elastic bands allow the sock to stay on foot without shifting even in the case of sudden movements.

Unique Flat Seam – The seam performed with the unique “Rosso patented” technology is almost impalpable and fully comfortable.

Material Description:

80% cotton, 17% Polyamide, 3% Lycra (elastane). Apretura Sanitised®


38-40, 41-43, 44-46


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