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Dane Varme Gloves

$395.00 inc. GST

The Dane Heated Verme glove is designed for cold conditions. It comes with:

  • XPR-Tex Electric heated
  • 3M Scotchlite Reflective Material
  • Battery pack
  • 7,4 Volt Batteries included
  • an optional extra set of cables can be purchased so the gloves can be powered by the motorbike.

Please note the size variations will only show what is available in stock.

Whether you are going on a motorbike trip during the winter season or planning any other winter activity, the heated VARME XPR-Tex® could be the glove for you. With its modern design and the use of very comfortable materials, it is perfect for keeping your fingers warm when it’s cold outside, whether on or off your motorbike.
Glove Size Chart
Glove Sizing Guide
Finger Length (cm)
11.5 – 12.3
12.3 – 13
13 – 13.8
13.8 – 14.5
14.5 – 15.2
15.2 – 15.9
15.9 – 16.5
Palm Width (cm)
5.8 – 6.5
6.5 – 7.5
7.5 – 8.5
8.5 – 9.8
9.8 – 11
11 – 12.2
12.2 – 13.7
Palm Circumference
19 – 20
20 – 21
21 – 22
22 – 23
24 – 25
25 – 26
26 – 27

Finger Length, measure your finger width from position A to B.

Palm Width, measure your palm width from position A to B.

Palm Circumference, measure your palm circumference from position A to B. Use string to wrap around your hand, then measure the string.

How to measure...
If you're between sizes we recommend sizing up to a bigger size.
XPR-Tex®: Extreme Performance Textile

Meet your new road armor: High performing waterproof & breathable membrane XPR-Tex® is a perfect partner on the road. Keeping out wind and water, XPR-Tex® lets your body breathe, while keeping warmth between you and your glove.

Product Material

57% polyamide, 30% leather (goatskin), 12% polyurethane, 1% polyester;

100% polyester; thermal insulation: 51% polyester (e.g. 3M Thinsulate), 49% polypropylene; membrane: 100% polyurethane (XPR-Tex).

Battery Operating versus Cable Operation
Operating time battery
Operating time cable
approx. 4 hours
approx. 3 hours
approx. 2 hours
ultra high
not available
5 minutes: Ultra HIgh mode is about 30% stronger compared to High mode. After 5 minutes Ultra High mode will switch back to High Mode.

Dane Verme Heated Motorbike Gloves Features

Clothing & accessories made for both male and females.
All Weather
This product is specially designed for use in colder climates.
Visor Wiper
Glove with visor wiper, makes it easier to clear the water away.
Wind, Waterproof and Breathable
Equipped with a windproof, waterproof and breathable membrane or coating.
Leather/Textile Mix
Product made of a mixture of both genuine leather and textile.
Reflective 3MTM ScotchliteTM materials have been incorporated in this product.

Dane Verme Heated Gloves Optional Cable Set

The Dane Verme Gloves come with a battery pack, but an optional set of cables can be purchased to allow the motorbike to power the gloves. Please visit our shop to purchase the glove cable set.



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