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Triumph Tiger 800 EVO Hard Pannier System

$2,265.00 inc. GST

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The EVO Bumot Hard Pannier system includes the pannier rack system, left and right pannier, pre-installed pannier mounts, pre-installed locks and all hardware required to mount to the bike.

  • 2mm aluminium structure.
  • Completely welded floor (bottom).
  • Stainless steel lockable quick-release mechanism allows installation or removal in seconds.
  • Low profile polyamide nylon lid strap brackets (tested to 90kg each) for better pillion comfort and less square edges.
  • A smooth powder coat finish inside and out.
  • Finished in your choice of Raw Aluminium or powder coated Black or Frozen Grey .

Bumot EVO Motorcycle Luggage is disrupting the Adventure Touring luggage market by offering 100% water proof hard pannier luggage system that allows you interchange Bumot aluminium hard panniers and Bumot soft panniers in seconds – no adapter plates, extra hardware or loose straps, just a rock-solid, waterproof solution for your off-road adventures.

Bumot EVO Hard Panniers are market leaders for tough, well designed adventure luggage Made for the Brave!

Quick Release Mechanism

When purchasing a Bumot EVO Pannier System for your motorbike, the system includes a pannier rack designed specifically for your motorbike. This system contains both left and right panniers supplied with pre-installed pannier mounts, pre-installed locks and all hardware required to mount to the bike. Our unique Quick Release Mechanism allows you to attach the panniers to your bike in seconds. But not only that if you also want to use our Bumot Extrmada Soft Panniers, these will attach directly to the same pannier rack.

The rear-mounted quick release lever allows you to remove or install the bag within seconds, without the need for adapter plates, brackets, or other hardware. 

Thoroughly Tested

Bumot Adventure Products are designed by adventure riders for adventure riders. We understand what you want from your gear. Every product is tested and put through the Bumot Adventure test before we even consider selling it to you.

That is why our slogan: Made for the Brave! is so relevant. Adventure riding has inherent dangers, we all understand this, if it didn’t it wouldn’t be called an adventure. But like any adventure there are aspects you want to control, one of these is choosing adventure luggage and accessories that will do the job you ask of them. If like us, you relish getting off the beaten track then Bumot products are perfect for you, they won’t let you down.

The benefits of using Bumot EVO Hard Panniers

Designed, engineered and manufactured by an adventure rider wanting the best for adventure riders. Manufactured by hand in Bulgaria, Bumot EVO Hard Panniers offer the benefits all adventure riders want.

Quick-Release System
Stainless steel lockable quick-release mechanism that allows the case to be installed or removed onto or from the pannier rack in seconds.
2mm Powder-coated Aluminium
The Bumot EVO Hard Panniers are constructed from aluminium which is then powder coated internally and externally for maximum protection.
Friction Hinge
The Bumot Friction Hinges allow the lid of the hard pannier to sit at any angle when open so it doesn't crash unexpectedly on your hands.
100% Waterproof
When we say 100% waterproof we mean it. Our hard panniers have been constructed in such a way that you can put point a hose at the pannier and it still keeps the water out.
Polyamide Nylon Lid Strap Brackets
Low profile lid strap brackets (tested to 90kgs each) have been designed for better pillion comfort and less square edges if the bike goes over. They also allow you to add more luggage.
Stainless Steel Fittings
Well engineered marine grade stainless steel fittings mean rust will not be a concern with the Bumot Hard Panniers.
Custom Accessories
Internal lid bag with straps to keep it in place as well as drink holders, pannier internal bag and a array of accessories are designed specifically for the Bumot Hard Pannier System.
Lockable Secure Panniers
Not only is your pannier securely locked to your pannier rack but you also have two stainless steel locks on each pannier. Locks can be keyed to match your Bumot tool box or top case. This way you only need one key for your luggage.
Multiple Colour & Size Options
There are three colours to choose from; black, frozen grey and raw aluminium. They are also available the sizing sets; 35L/31L, 40L/36L & 45L/41L. ​Please note one of the panniers is smaller to accommodate the exhaust on the motorbike.

Black, Frozen Grey, Raw Aluminium


35 litre & 31 litre (Cut out to fit exhaust), 40 litre & 36 litre (Cut out to fit exhaust), 45 litre & 41 litre (Cut out to fit exhaust)


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