On a Mile Munchin' Adventure tour we've already sourced the best tracks to ride. Years of riding these areas has allowed us to create amazing routes for all rider experience. We'll also provide a professionally filmed ride video you can share your experience with family and friends.

Through our You Tube channel Rod has had many people contact him about doing a ride together. While it’s impossible for Rod to ride with everyone from all over the globe, doing all little tours will enable people to enjoy the beauty of motorbike adventure riding, with comfort of knowing they have company and support if something were to go wrong.

We’ve also created a “Ride Difficulty Graph” so you can decide whether the ride is a suitable to your skill.

What Rod has discovered through his You Tube channel is there are many aspiring adventure riders that don’t know where to start. A tour with Rod and Paul will give them the knowledge and confidence to do some adventures on their own. Which at the end of the day just might be the goal for all riders who come on our tours.

Why would you go on a motorbike tour with us when you could simple organise your own. There are many reasons you should join us on a tour, in no particular order we will rattle off a few.

We have spent many years developing and refining great riding routes so you can best enjoy the terrain and area we are riding. No time wasting seeing where that track will take you, we know where it goes and how good it is.

We provide the following for each ride; food, accommodation, support vehicle, first aid, mechanic support, professional video, helpful tips and advice.


If you have anymore questions about the adventure motorbike tours, please give Rodney a call on 0419 336 783 or email sales@milemunchin.com.au