BUMOT Motorcycle Luggage is handcrafted in Bulgaria (EU), Bumot products are designed for riders who demand the most durable and functional luggage for their adventure touring.

Asen and Anna Angelov
Bumot Founders​

You may not have heard of Bumot before, and that’s OK. The name is derived from the words Bulgaria and Moto (Bumot). Bumot was started in 2012 by Asen and Anna, husband and wife team and both structural engineers. Asen is a great lover of motorbikes and adventure riding.

Bumot’s manufacturing facility is based in Sofia the capital of Bulgaria. Bumot have a small dedicated team of seven staff at this factory working hard to create the best adventure luggage and motorbike adventure accessories in the market. But don’t take our word of it check out our testimonials and product video reviews. Most of Bumot’s products are hand made which assures each product is built to the highest standard.

Asen used his adventure motorbike riding experience to create a product which would stand up to the harshest environments. As far he was concerned if you could build a product to withstand the harshest conditions adventure off road riding could throw at you then, this would be the key to Bumot being a success. Tough, well designed products that just work.

Bumot adventure products are now being distributed in many countries, including the United Kingdom, USA, Australia, Czech Republic, Sweden, Belgium, South Africa and Poland. This is quite substantial given, Bumot only began operations in 2012. So why the quick growth for what some people might suggest is a saturated market?

There are two ways to build a brand, one is to spend a lot of money on marketing. The second is by designing and building a product which is of such high standard it simple can’t be ignored. Bumot falls into this category, they didn’t have much money to spend on marketing so they made sure their product couldn’t be ignored. Now adventure riders all over the world are putting the Bumot products through their paces and are providing both positive feedback and suggestions for improvements.

The best kind of marketing is word of mouth, this is how Bumot has grown its brand. Rest assured Bumot will continue to evolve, improve and add products to their range to suit existing and yet to be designed motorbikes.

Why Bumot is different to other adventure luggage?

Bumot Motorcycle Luggage is disrupting the Adventure Touring luggage market by offering the only quick-release soft luggage system that allows you interchange aluminium and soft panniers in seconds. No adapter plates, no extra hardware, no loose straps, just a rock-solid, waterproof solution for your off-road adventures.

Hard Panniers

Bumot Hard Panniers are made from 2mm think aluminium with a completely welded floor bottom, making the hard panniers 100% water proof. Available in three colours, black, frozen grey and raw aluminium. The black and frozen grey are powder coated finishes.

The Bumot Hard Panniers are available in six size options, and come in 3 sets. these size include: 35L & 31L (notched for exhaust), 40L & 36L (notched for exhaust) and 45L & 41L (notched for exhaust). Click on this link full a list of the Bumot Hard Pannier benefits.

Bumot Soft Panniers

Xtremada soft panniers offer the convenience of aluminium panniers with the lighter weight and off-road benefits of soft luggage.

The Xtremada soft panniers attach to Bumot pannier racks using BUMOT’s innovative stainless-steel, exterior mounted quick-release mechanism.  This is the same quick-release design that has received rave reviews on our EVO aluminium hard panniers, and the key locks allow you to lock the bags to the rack directly.  

The rear-mounted quick release lever allows you to remove or install the bag within seconds, and no adapter plates, brackets, or other hardware are required for install.

Xtremada quick release locks can be keyed to match your existing hard pannier locks, allowing for one key to open any case on your bike, regardless of whether you have aluminium or soft luggage installed.  Click on this link for a full list of the Bumot Xtremada Soft Pannier Benefits.

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